CrowdSource Rescue's Organizational Info

CrowdSource Rescue is a federally and state recognized non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible and used to advance our mission of helping communities in times of crisis.

How do I receive a tax deductible receipt?

If you donate via our primary gateway, a receipt will be automatically e-mailed you before tax season. If you donated via an alternate method (Facebook, Paypal, Venmo, etc), you can request a receipt at

What are financial donations used for?

Financial donations are used in keeping with our IRS-approved mission of helping respond to times of crisis. This includes purchases of fuel for rescue vehicles, disaster relief items, food for meal distributions, and other items required to help a community recover from a disaster.

Where are your 990 forms?

As of 2021, we have not yet been required to file a 990 with the IRS. When we do it, it will be viewable on this page, as well as published on our social media accounts.

Why do you accept donations?

From August 2017 to September 2018, CrowdSource Rescue did not accept donations, as our expenses were less than $5,000/year. As we were primarily an online resource, expenses were only related to server hosting, and were manageable by our our founding members.

Starting 2018, CSR's mission began to expand and so did expenses. Starting September 2018, 24 hours before Hurricane Florence's landfall in North Carolina, we became fiscally sponsored by Outdoorsmen in Action, which allowed us to begin accepting tax-deductible donations. It was the best organizational decision we ever made, as it it allowed us to quickly grow and focus on our mission, while having a more experienced eye handle our IRS status.

In 2020, due to the many expenses associated with our COVID-19 meal distribution operation, CSR applied for it's own tax deductible status with the IRS, which was confirmed in late 2020.

Do you have staff? Do donations cover their wages?

Staffing costs are not supplemented by general public donations.

We do not employ any staff members during a natural disaster.

As of 2021, we employ 4 staff members to help with our ongoing food insecurity mission in the SETX area, however no donations from the general public go to staffing costs, which are covered thanks to sponsors such as the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Buzbee Law Firm.

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